We help businesses get streams of new and repeat customers by combining low cost online and mobile marketing techniques with traditional ads, direct mail, coupons and other offline marketing methods.

All companies need to focus on three basic elements to insure robust growth:

  1. Create enticing, targeted landing pages that offer the perfect solutions to your customer’s problems.
  2. Get web traffic from multiple sources–never rely on just one that could disappear tomorrow.
  3. Focus on converting more of your traffic to sales than just finding more traffic.

We focus on helping businesses strengthen all three elements for business growth and profitability.

Online Marketing That Is Results-Driven

Here at Customer Rush Marketing, we won’t keep you wondering if your money is well spent.  Customer Rush offers you results-driven marketing. We begin every online campaign or mobile program by identifying how we’ll measure results. If your website doesn’t have a way to measure results, we will help you add it. You will know within a very short time how many people respond to your campaign and how many actually buy from you.

Customer Rush Helps You Grow Your Business

Customer Rush Marketing works with local businesses in Northern California, that market to other businesses (B2B) and to consumers (B2C). Customer Rush will customize an online / offline marketing plan and budget to meet your specific goals.  We understand that your situation is unique. You can start with a small campaign and add on additional services over time to expand your sales and profits even more.

You are busy so we won’t waste your time. You will get regular reports on your results. You will know exactly how each campaign is working and which is the most profitable.

Need More Customers?Customer Rush Marketing does Web Presence Assessments

If you want to attract more customers 24/7 using the Internet, the best place to start is with a review of your business web presence.  Once you know where you stand, you can plan your marketing strategy to go after the customers you really want.

Do you really know how well your website and social media efforts are working? We’ll tell you where the opportunities are. Very high value for a very low cost!

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