A Note From CK Wilde On Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Got You Frustrated?CKWilde-1093-Webcropped250x329

  • Are you completely overwhelmed with digital  marketing for your business?
  • How do you create “quality” content?
  • Is SEO dead or not?
  • Is social media really the answer?
  • Do you want to know what really works… and what doesn’t… without investing a fortune?

I’ve Been There, Too.

As a business owner I have dealt with digital marketing issues like these, too. In 1998, I set up my very first website for my award-winning consumer direct mail catalog. After many long days of extra effort, we launched our e-commerce website on the shiny, new World Wide Web … but we didn’t make a single sale! My regular catalog business went on as usual but I was determined to find out what went wrong with the online marketing.

So I went back to school–literally.  A local university had just begun a program in E-commerce Management to teach people like me how to run a business online.  After completing the program, I went to work promoting and eventually, becoming co-owner of  a software development company.  We began experimenting with what I had learned to find the best strategies and techniques.

We used a variety of online techniques to re-position the company into a leading edge mobile application developer bringing in thousands of dollars of revenue.  Along the way, I developed online marketing experience that was essential to our business success.

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No Time To Learn Digital Marketing?

In 2010, I thought most savvy business owners understood the secrets of successful digital marketing.

But, as I talked with other owners at various networking events, it began to dawn on me that most business owners didn’t have the time to learn about it. Or, they were intimidated by the technology.

It really bothered me that too few small businesses were taking advantage of using online and offline marketing together to catapult their businesses to success.Why should the big guys have the advantage? The costs for world-class online marketing were well within the range of the average small business owner. All they needed was help from someone who knew how to put it all together.

In May of 2010, I decided to launch Customer Rush Marketing to help businesses plan effective content strategies, drive traffic, set up winning sales funnels and use the right technology to leap ahead of competitors.

Are you a consultant, coach or professional who is:

  • overwhelmed by content and social media marketing?
  • needing help with using content strategy to work smarter not harder?
  • looking for more customers and sales?
  • desperate for help with your website and marketing technology?
  • just want to talk with someone who can explain things clearly without a lot of jargon?

You have come to the right place! Don’t be shy… contact me.

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