Content Marketing Facelift

Content Marketing Tops for 2013

Where is Content Marketing on your priority list?

If you have been relying on the same website content you put up a few years ago to win you new customers, you may unwittingly be driving them to your competitors!

A survey of marketers done by Econsultancy and Responsys has uncovered that content marketing ranked first for increased budgeting by companies in 2013.This trend has continued into 2014.

Why are so many marketers focusing on Content Marketing?

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way customers buy products and services from companies. Consumers now choose to research products and companies online rather than speak to sales staff or just opt for a brand name. Marketers have been jumping on the content bandwagon to provide their customers with fresh information and ideas that help make sales.

In a recent survey sponsored by, online consumers noted that the purchase process has gone from looking like a straight line to looking like a spider web with the customer bouncing from realization of a need to content for inspiration,  to research and finally to making a purchase. Online consumers who participated in this survey talked about being open to new ideas and experiences through website visits and in-store comparisons. Your website needs to be ready to influence these people.

Online shoppers study web content before purchasing

When was the last time you added new content to your website and social media accounts?

Give your content a well deserved “facelift” to bring back past customers and attract new ones. Changes don’t have to be drastic to get your business noticed.

You only need to make small changes to your marketing mix to take advantage of your customers’ interest in pertinent information about your products and services.  And, you’ll attract new customers who may never have seen your message.

Have you noticed a new opportunity to sell your products and services that you just haven’t had time to go after? Now could be the perfect time to set new sales into motion by expanding your content marketing.

Here’s How A Content Marketing Facelift Works:

  1. You tell us what goals you want to accomplish and what marketing you do right now.
  2. We’ll help you create a simple, easy to implement plan to accomplish those goals.
  3. We’ll come prepared with an assessment of your web presence, competitive analysis and lots of ideas.
  4. You’ll get a map of your sales funnel that you can use to capture more sales.
  5. After your Content Marketing Facelift meeting, you can implement your plan yourself or ask us to assist—your choice.

It’s that easy!

Who Facilitates:

CK Wilde is a 25 year marketing veteran (online since 1998, mobile since 2002) who blends content marketing,  increasing web traffic and conversion optimization for maximum results for your business.

Date and Time:

At your convenience.


Your office or conference room.



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