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Copywriting--An honest conversation with your customer.

Writing Content for your Business-Customer Rush MarketingEven if you deliver your consulting or coaching in person or in public speaking engagements, your written content is the foundation of your ongoing relationship with your customers. Your copy needs to explain, to describe, to persuade and to entertain.

Some of that content needs to be compelling offers that allow your prospective customers’ to match their real needs to your products or services. Other content needs to be helpful, even humorous, information that establishes you as an authority who truly understands the issues that your customers face.

What Kinds of Content (Copywriting) Do You Need?

Your sales funnel will dictate the specific content you need for your business. As a general guideline, the most common items a consultant, author or coach needs are:

  • Email for list building (weekly, monthly or quarterly)
  • Website (5-7 pages minimum)
  • Blog posts (relating to your expertise)
  • Landing pages (your sales pages)
  • Autoresponders (specific series of emails to inform or educate your prospective customers after they respond to your offer)
  • Lead generators (free reports, guides, e-books or white papers)

Initially, you may just need a bit of assistance with basic editing. It always helps to have someone read your writing for clarity, spelling and grammar. A fresh pair of eyes can catch mistakes that the author’s eyes miss.  We offer fast turnaround on the basics.

As your business expands, you may want help getting more strategic content written. Below are some examples of what we can do and price ranges. Tell us what you need. We’ll gladly provide a quote. And a 20% New Customer discount when you sign up for copy editing or writing services.



Basic Editing

Polish your communications so they shine.

Basic Editing: $90 per hour with most jobs taking just 1/2 to 2 hours (Correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, clarity, and style.)
Email Campaigns and Autoresponder Series

Build your list and grow your customer base

Email copywriting: $360-$760 each

Email campaign:  (3 or more): $500-$1500 each

Autoresponder series: (3 or more): $500-$1500 each

Landing Pages

Get your customer to take action on your offer.

Landing page or online sales letter: $300-$1,200   (discount for multiple pages–it pays huge dividends to test a short page vs. a longer page for the best conversion)


Lead Generator

Help your next customer choose you by giving them a sample of your product or services. We can use content you already have or create something new.

Infographic, report, white paper, slide presentation, video, podcast, etc: $720 – $3600 (ask for a quote)

Website Copywriting

Website copywriting: $120-$480 per web page–just copywriting (content writing for most basic websites costs $600-$900, while larger, more content-rich websites cost $2,500-$4,500 and up)

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