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Measure… Test… Find Winner… Repeat…

The companies with the most successful websites and online marketing campaigns rarely started out as overnight successes. The most profitable  online campaigns get that way  through judicious use of  testing and measurement.

Measure Results

If you have a website but no way to measure the activity, you won’t know what is working on your website and what is not.  Analytics software like Google Analytics (free) allows you to keep track of the activity on your website. It can help you understand where your customers come from and how they interact with your website. You can use that information to make small changes that make it easier for customers to find what they need on your website and ultimately make more sales.

Test Your Pages

Google has made it incredibly affordable to split-test different offers, headlines and other elements on a web page to find the best performing ones. Google Analytics Content Experiments allow you to split-test pages to find the higher performing ones. Small incremental changes can add up to major gains. Google manages all of the complexities involved with testing and tracking results.  By having a regular testing schedule, you will identify the right content for your customers and increase sales by improving how each page performs.  The information you receive from testing will enable you to create better offers and know when to add cross-sells and up-sells. Your very best results will come from regular ongoing analysis and testing.

Our Methodology:

  1. Install Google Analytics  on your website (with your web designer)
  2. Develop goals and success measurement.
  3. Document and analyze initial results from analytics before making changes.
  4. Create a testing plan which identifies pages and elements to be tested.
  5. Run split-tests.
  6. Identify winners and calculate improvement.
  7. Change web pages to incorporate improvements (with your web designer)


Starting at $1000 per month.

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