Sales Funnels

Moving Your Website Visitors Down the Path to Becoming Loyal Customers

How do website visitors become customers?

Set Up A  Sales Funnel That Motivates ThemTo Buy From You

Once you have attracted the right visitors to your website, you need to get the ones who are interested in buying to raise their hands. A  Sales Funnel works for you ’round the clock to identify the customers who are willing to give you their contact information and begin the sales process. Every sales funnel has five main steps:


Studies show that most visitors to a website don’t use “Contact Us” pages in the early stages of the buying process. They prefer to gather information on their own.   If that visitor leaves without giving you an email address, you have lost the chance to start a conversation with them.

Here is a description of a typical sales funnel:

Having informational pages on your website is important. Adding a desirable free offer — a tool or mobile app, a report or e-book —something that has value to your prospective customer in the context of make a purchase from your company, gives you the advantage of getting basic information from your visitor. A free calendar is perfect for a printing company, but if you provide tax services a free report on tax saving strategies is a much better choice.  You don’t have to create totally new material, either. If you already have a blog, you can probably re-purpose content you already have to create a report which will have a high perceived value. The choice of format and packaging is important. It needs to match the way your customers like to consume information. In exchange, you receive that visitor’s email address and other information as appropriate.
The next step is to offer your lead a small, low cost item to purchase. Your goal is to win the trust of your lead by giving them an experience of the quality of your product and your service. Even if you only charge $1, this small purchase shifts the perception of the buyer. This person now sees him/herself as your customer.
Step three is your main offer. Assuming you have created a true value proposition for your target market, your small purchase customers will look at your products first because they now know your quality and service.
The fourth step is adding up-sells, collections or kits, premium products and memberships in conjunction with the main offer or as successive offers to maximize your profits.
The final step in the sales funnel is maximizing communication with your existing customers to create repeat buyers.

Having fresh eyes review each of your steps assures that your marketing campaign has the maximum possibility of success. Here is how we help you with our sales funnel audit.

Our Methodology:

  1. Define your business goals.
  2. Map your existing sales funnel.
  3. Review offers for value and market fit.
  4. Develop or re-purpose content for the free offer.
  5. Review email series or autoresponders.
  6. Recommend changes.
  7. Implement new sales funnel and measure results.

Key Benefit:

You’ll know exactly what you need to improve your results. We’ll help you make it happen.


Sales Funnel Audit: $495 – $2500

Maximize Your Sales Funnel With An Audit

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