Web Traffic

How do you attract visitors to your website?

Your content, distributed in key locations, drives web traffic.

Your website is the first place to start your content management campaign. But, it shouldn’t stop there. Ask customers where they found you on the Internet. You will discover that your customers come from many different places online. For many successful businesses, a majority of new visitors come from the search engines. A recent consumer study by About.com shows that the buying process has more steps than before. It’s more like a spider web of interactions. Online information influences and informs in-store purchases.

Customers find your content in:Online shoppers study web content before purchasing

  • Search Engines Listings
  • Online Directories
  • Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google +
  • Podcast Directories
  • YouTube
  • Online Press Release sites
  • Links from other websites and  blogs

Our Methodology:

  1. Develop a Web Traffic Plan for your business.
  2. Implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your website.
  3. Get Listings in Online Directories.
  4. Get Google + and Bing Local listings.
  5. Claim Yelp and other review site listings.
  6. Implement Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn.
  7. Pay Per Click (PPC)Ads in Google and Bing.
  8. Facebook, Twitter or YouTube Ads

Start with creating a visually appealing, up-to-date looking website. Add content to the website that shows you have what it takes to solve your customers’ problems.  Use appropriate Search Engine Optimization of your web pages to get listed in Google and Bing. The search engines look for regularly updated content to feature.

Forget about “getting listed on page one of Google in one hour.” Those listings don’t stay at the top. Google is constantly changing its rules to catch those who are gaming the system. If they find you have broken a rule, your free listing goes to the bottom of the list. But there are legitimate ways to get free traffic to your site. We only use the best ways to get traffic to your site and keep it coming.

To improve your standing in the search engines,  get your business added to online directories and Yelp. Claim your business page in Google +, Bing Local and Yahoo Local. Use Pay Per Click (PPC) ads in Google and Bing to test keywords and offers and drive targeted traffic right away.


It takes up to six months for a well-designed SEO strategy to take effect. So we recommend combining SEO and PPC to boost web traffic sooner. We offer a monthly rate for campaigns with a six month minimum. Campaigns start at $500 per month. PPC ads extra. Minimum PPC spend $100 per month.

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