SEO + PPC: Search Marketing To Skyrocket Your Business

Are you frustrated with search engine optimization (SEO) for your website? Do you try to get it right but you still aren’t getting much traffic?

Are you ready to give up on SEO?

As a savvy business owner, you know that the more web traffic you get, the greater your chance to make sales and gain new customers for your business.

97% of consumers search for local businesses online. (Source: Google)

But, it can’t be just any web traffic. It needs to be your target market clicking on keywords that lead to your website. Otherwise the odds of making a sale disappear faster than ice melting on the sidewalk on a hot August day.

When it comes to SEO, there is huge, pink elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. But it needs to be said so I’m going to say it…SEO works better with PPC

SEO doesn’t always work.

If you use a keyword that has low traffic or too much competition, nothing happens. Even when you get it right, your page one position may slide to page two or three after a few weeks or months as new content gets submitted to the search engines by your competitors. And then there is the big question… how much correctly search engine optimized content can you generate each week. You have a business to run, don’t you?

There is a straightforward solution to your SEO dilemma. Combine basic SEO with Pay Per Click (PPC.) Now you have search marketing synergy!

Search Marketing with PPC: You Have Control

When it comes to targeted traffic–the ability to deliver your message to the right people at exactly the right time–Pay Per Click (PPC) ads win by a landslide. You can start testing a new offer and receiving targeted web traffic in a matter of hours or days. And, you have complete control of what runs and when.

Want to try a different offer?

No problem.

Target a different geographic location?

No problem.

Change your bid at any time?

Well, you get the idea.

Here’s a great success story using Google AdWords PPC to grow a business.

Be Wary Of Search Engine Optimization Companies That Promise Perfection

By using both basic SEO with PPC, you can avoid paying for search engine optimization companies that bend Google’s guidelines. You may have heard that Google plans another Panda update in the near future. The Panda updates are changes to Google’s algorithms to take out guideline offenders. Word has it that the next round will take down the companies that bend the rules on links. The link farms will disappear overnight and so will the rankings of most of the companies using this method of SEO to rank higher.

Search engine optimization is not predictable or scalable.  The playing field is constantly changing. To grow your business on YOUR schedule you need ways to grow your traffic that ARE predictable and scalable. PPC is the side of search marketing that is both.

Once you have done the initial optimization on your Google AdWords (or Bing) ads, you have solid data on how much traffic you can generate and the rate it converts to sales. Google AdWords even has a conversion optimizer. After you have  some conversions in your account, you can turn on the optimizer and let Google find you more sales.

You don’t get that with search engine optimization. Sorry.

Is There A Downside To PPC Search Marketing?

Well, you will pay for the clicks that send targeted customers to your website. And, it takes time to set up the AdWords or Bing account and optimize it each week.

I have been doing business online since 1997. In my experience, you cannot reliably grow a business with free traffic alone. To succeed, every business needs consistent cash flow. It is rare for free traffic to be that reliable.

Yet, the costs for Pay Per Click  for most businesses are easily justified by the return on investment. You  can have qualified leads  and sales in hours or days after opening a PPC account. What do you spend to acquire a customer right now using SEO?

The good news is that while clicks are more expensive than they were five years ago, PPC is still one of the most effective ways to deliver offers to  people searching online for your product or service. And with regular optimizing, the cost of clicks often comes down substantially.

Recently, we assisted a client to bring his cost per click down from $1.72 to $0.60. He was able to buy more clicks for the same total cost. Each new customer brought this client substantial revenue.

What would it be worth to your business to have the right traffic –people who are eager to buy right now–sent to your website day after day? What is the value of each customer over the long-term? $500, $5000, $50,000?

You owe it to yourself to check out Pay Per Click ads.

New to PPC? We’ll set up your PPC account for free ($100 value) when you spend at least $25 in ads. If you have been wanting to try Pay Per Click, this is your chance to try it and see. And if you need help getting set up, knowledgeable Customer Rush staff can help you maximize this great way to get targeted traffic to your website at a cost you can afford.

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