Online Marketing Services: Special Discount Offer October 15 to November 14–Don’t Miss This!

Online Marketing Services: Special Discount Offer October 15 to November 14–Don’t Miss This!

Business is about building relationships.

And every relationship depends on giving and receiving. Yes, even in online marketing services.

I like to think of each of my clients as a special relationship. I’m part of their team dedicated to help them achieve business goals. Yes, my job is to give them the best advice and services available to help clients score big gains.

For the next month, I’m giving even more and Customer Rush Marketing clients are receiving… a 20% discount on all services from October 15 to November 14, 2014.


It’s my birthday and I want to share it with you.

Whether you have already used our services for online marketing or you’d like to explore some possibilities with Customer Rush for the first time, I’d like to make it easier for you to get your Holiday promotions ready for the blockbuster season coming up. Forrester Research projects 15.5% increase over last year. I detailed this along with other suggestions in a slide presentation I made recently to Women Entrepreneurs of the Bay Area. (WEBA)

It’s a myth that business stops during November and December. Yes, people do celebrate. But it is a BIG mistake to just stop marketing. Your business momentum goes to zero. And just like your car, it takes much more energy to start up again from a dead stop.

So keep your business rolling.

Plan your online and offline marketing right now to keep rolling into the New Year.  And, do it. Rev up your your business to breeze through the holidays and be ready for a brighter New Year.

What kinds of online marketing services can Customer Rush provide you?

  • Get quick phone consultations for content and social media strategy.
  • Brainstorm new Holiday offers to delight your customers.
  • Get fast turnaround for review and editing of email and website copy.
  • Get easy to implement sales funnel suggestions.
  • Set up a system to build your list.

There is a huge number of possibilities to fit even small budgets.

All the details are right here.

Customer Rush Marketing Special Offer