Predictions for Digital Marketing for 2015

Predictions for Digital Marketing for 2015

Predictions sell a lot of tabloids at the supermarket check stand. But, for digital marketing looking to achieve results based on business goals, trend watching is far more productive.

How one uses a trend to accomplish business goals really depends on what type of business–the size of company, the industry, consumer expectations and competitors’ initiatives. the challenge for any marketers is to adapt the trend to the business target market, goals and budget.

This set of slides created in HaikuDeck spells out the big trends I see for the coming year.

5 Digital Marketing Trends for 2015 – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

So what are the big trends for 2015:

  1. 75% OF US MOBILE OWNERS HAVE SMARTPHONES  so your website needs to be responsive and designed for mobile interaction. Is your address and phone number easy to access? How about a map? Mobile users needs are more immediate like directions and hours. Are those available?
  2. FACEBOOK IS BECOMING A SEARCH AND AD PLATFORM. Google still dominates the digital marketing world but Facebook has some really cool tricks like “Lookalike Audiences” inside the Ads Manager. Imagine uploading your email list to Facebook. Not only will you get to advertise to those people for a discounted rate, Facebook will find customers for you by identifying criteria from your original list and locating others that match those criteria.
  3. TWITTER TRACKS APPS YOU INSTALL TO TARGET CONTENT AND ADS. Social Media is shifting from engagement to ROI. Trying to track results in social media used to make marketers crazy. Now that is changing. Every social media platform is working on better ways to track ROI.
  4. PERSONALIZATION MOVES BEYOND NAME AND GENDER. Companies are waking up to the fact that a customer’s purchasing history and preferences can help tailor offers for that customer. The net result: higher ROI. The moral for digital marketers: talk to your customers based on their interests, not yours.
  5. YOU NEED A GAME PLAN. The basic elements of your digital marketing game plan are:
    1. Know Your Customer
    2. Plan Awesome Content
    3. Spend Wisely on Ads
    4. Look at your Data Regularly
    5. Test, Test & Test


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